Client: Loxam
Category: Applicatie
Project date: Februari 2017
Campagne: Loxam Construction Fair Activation
Link: Youtube

The question

Loxam is a rental company for construction materials with establishments across Europe. For the construction fair in 2016 the company wanted a unique eye catcher. The target audience consisted of men with a technical background. The activation therefore had to be challenging but not intimidating. A competitive element was chosen to encourage competition and attract as many of visitors as possible.
The execution

Our team set out to work and devised a unique activation in which a lifelike simulation was combined with a challenging game. Players enter a physical excavator with virtual reality hardware built-in with real controllers. The purpose of the game is to shovel as many stones in buckets as possible in a short period of time.

At the start of the experience the participant will enter their name, company and email. A short tutorial will follow in which the controls and the purpose of the game are explained. After completing the tutorial the game will start, and the participant has to set a high score in a couple of minutes of playing time. The audience can follow the actions of the player on two external screens and see the score. This is registered in real time so you can view the results directly. This element causes a tension in the audience, will he get the high score and beat our company?


The result

The construction fair turned out to be a great success for Loxam. Hundreds of participants played the game during the three-day event in de Jaarbeurs. Rows of men lined up to play for the high score, and it was the hot topic of the event. Afterwards all players were contacted with a personalized email with their highest score. The positive results of the fair gained notoriety within Loxam. The installation will also be used as an audience magnet during a construction fair in Denmark.

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